We are providing complete post production solutions from dailies to color grading to sound and mastering.

- Dailies

- Editorial 

- Picture Finishing + Color

- Sound

Dailies:      We are specialized in providing on-location or near-location dailies. 

                       Whether you want us to be on set or in a room of your hotel, we can 

                       accommodate every request and create your deliverables regardless of file 

                       format and color space.

Editorial:  Pixelmeister provides mobile edit suites on any platform which can be easily

                       deployed at any location or office. On request we can also offer talented 

                       editors and bilingual assistant editors.

Color:         We are very proud to have world class colorist and Director of Visuals 

                       Andreas Brückl on our team. Andreas is an award winning senior colorist 

                       with more than 18 years of post-production experience and a resume 

                       spanning full length features to high-end television commercials. He has 

                       graded more than 1000 TV commercials and stands as a very experienced 

                       DI film colorist.

                       Our color suites are up to date, so we can handle any workflow that you 

                       require. 4K HDR is standard for us, of course according to specs of major TV 

                       and OTT networks.

Sound:       We have partnered up with some of the best international talents for  

                       Mixing,  Sound Design, Foley, Dialogue Editing and Mastering.

DIT & Live Grading

We don’t just copy cards. We manage your entire workflow on set. Reliable backups, color corrected,  sound-synched  dailies and even a color graded live image on set

- 1 to 12 cameras

- calibrated monitors

- secure backups

- LTO backups

- live grading

Data Management is just a small part of a backup strategy for your project. Our DITs make sure that every file is not only backed up, but that every copy is traceable and reproducible. Proper documentation of every backup step is key for securing your assets. 

Live Grading helps the Director and DOP to communicate their creative vision throughout the entire postproduction until final delivery. The camera image gets adjusted live on set, so that post has less work in matching cameras to each other and adjusting the intended look. In this case what you see on set on our calibrated monitors is exactly what you will be seeing in the edit suite or while watching dailies. 

The entire workflow is color managed from camera to post.


We are providing professional consulting for your production.

- Remote Workflows

- Multicam shows 

- Cloud production 

- difficult locations

You are shooting at a remote location, in the desert, on a ship, or just in the middle of nowhere, but your editor in New York needs to get the dailies every night? The network wants to see a live stream from set with no cell service? You need to shoot live to tape with 24 cameras, and want to monitor them all and edit live?
Your Director wants a live image of 2nd Unit while shooting 1st Unit on their handheld monitor?
You have super tight deadlines for finishing your series?

We have got you covered. Our specialists have experience with all kind of workflows and are ready to create a customized solution for your problem.




PHONE  |   +971 555 260 439 

MAIL: phil@mrpixel.io

Based in Dubai, UAE, we are offering our services throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our crew have valid visas for the region and can travel freely.  We have provided our solutions in UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar,  Mauritius, India, Malaysia, Istanbul, Thailand and Europe

Andreas Brückl

Senior Colorist  |  Director of Visuals 

PHONE : +971 555 139 081

MAIL :  andy@mrpixel.io

Philipp Chudalla

DIT  |  Workflow Specialist  | Dailies Colorist

PHONE : +971 555 260 439

MAIL :  phil@mrpixel.io

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We are offering postproduction and DIT services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait, Baghdad, Istanbul, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Muscat, Oman, UAE,  Qatar,  Turkey, Madagascar, Iraq, India, Europe